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Floral Arrangements

These are the floral arrangements that I’ve created

Carnation and Dianthus Bouquet

12 October, 2013 |

Today’s floral gift is a darling little mini bouquet for mother’s day! The reds and pinks look really lovely together don’t you think? (:

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Crossing Curves – Ping Pong Chrysanthemum, Eustoma and Limonium

12 October, 2013 |

Head over heels in love with the floral arrangement I did this week! (: I think it’s the ultra cute ping pong chrysanthemums… they are just so cute! I love the round ball of yellow… makes me so happy looking … Read More

Yellow Gerbera, Purple Matthiola, White Eustoma

6 October, 2013 |

Super proud of my floral gift this week! I’m very pleased with how it turned out. Before I get ahead of myself, I want to describe how I made the “box” which is actually made out of a … Read More

Triangular Form – Lily, Eustoma, Monstera & Euonymus

1 October, 2013 |

Foliage could really help to create different interesting designs – this one we used monstera and euonymus to create a triangular shape.

This floral arrangement consists of mainly green and white so it looks very elegant. I would like to … Read More

Lily, Carnation, Mum & Scotch Broom

1 October, 2013 |

This floral gift could be given to congratulate someone on a new job. The basket and the paper ribbon give it a more natural outlook.

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Geometric Lines – Red Ginger, Chrysanthemum & Typha Leaves

1 October, 2013 |

The clean lines in this floral arrangement was very eye catching! The trick was to create two separate and distinct set of lines using the typha leaves. Using foliage to create space and shapes could lead to very interesting designs.

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Vertical Concept – Bird of Paradise, Eustoma & Mums

29 September, 2013 |

This one was interesting because of the bird of paradise – a very exotic looking and dramatic flower.

To create the long line, we used two bird of paradise, one with the flower cut off … Read More

Yellow Roses, Pastel Green Eustoma and Purple Limonium

28 September, 2013 |

The learning points of the floral gift created today was making the paper ribbon in the front and also the blanket of wrapping paper surrounding the floral gift. Making the blanket was really easy – basically you place the oasis … Read More

Purple Roses, Mums, Erica and Cordyline

28 September, 2013 |

Today I made a centerpiece that could be used for conferences and meetings. Usually the centerpiece should take up about one third of the table or whatever surface it is placed on. The height should not be too high so … Read More

Vertical Concept – Echinacea, Gerbera, Hypericum and Sweet William

2 September, 2013 |

This one was quite a tough one because you need to get the proportions and the angles right to make it look nice. The rule of thumb for the vertical concept is the ‘heavier’ flowers should be near the bottom, … Read More